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Requirements for using the Business Model Generation Tools
Posted by Mike Lachapelle on February 22, 2013 at 4:34pm

NOTE: To preserve this information for reference I have moved it from News to
the Blog Posts section. That keeps it available for people who are interested
in this information

There have been some questions posted lately asking for guidance in using the
tools associated with the Business Model Generation (BMG) approach - the
Business Model (BM) canvas and the Value Proposition (VP) canvas. Though the
BM canvas was released under Creative Commons and the VP canvas under
Copyright, the requirements for use of the two tools are really quite

Anyone may use the BM canvas and the VP canvas for their own work or to
support other in understanding and analysing, or changing their business
models. This includes people who use the tools within their own company or in
a consulting capacity. The requirement, whether Creative Commons or Copyright,
is full identification and credit of the source of the tool - BM canvas is and the VP canvas is
and Business Model Foundry GmbH.

The BM canvas, under Creative Commons, is open for building other approaches
and variations on the concept. There have been a few variations discussed and
demonstrated here in the Hub and externally. Whether used in it original form
or where variations have been made, recognition of the original source
material must be included. The text and link to
should be clearly visible and legible under every canvas.

The VP canvas has been released with a slightly more restrictive use guideline
of Copyright, under which Business Model Foundry GmbH has reserved the
intellectual property for adaptations and for the inclusion of the canvas in
software applications or sold as a tool for others to use (e.g. selling copies
of the poster). This can only be done under the express permission and
agreement of the Business Model Foundry GmbH.

So, the tools are there for you to use without restriction in modelling your
own, or other people's business. If you wish to include the BM canvas in a
software solution, it would be good business practice to first contact the
Business Model Generation authors (Alex or Yves) to discuss your intended
use. If you wish to use the VP canvas in software, in original or adapted
form, or sell the VP canvas as a tool, you must contact the copyright holders,
Business Model Foundry, for permission.
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